FLAT is what happens to roadkill.

“Inanimate urban roadkill” is the term we use here to describe the everyday items which are flattened on city streets and highways: not garbage, but useful parts of our lives that become lost and are crushed beneath cars, trucks, buses and graders.

FLAT exists to commemorate these lost servants.

Rules of posting: no garbage, no trash, no formerly-living beings. The item must have been inanimate and useful before it was lost. Comments are restricted only to where and how the item was found and photographed. Photograph copyright of course remains with the photographer, but by posting you give us permission (the non-exclusive right) to make the post public on this site as we see fit, and we are not responsible for any Internet circulation or modification of your photo. All posts will be moderated, and unsuitable photos and comments will be deleted. Timing of this moderation work is at the whim of the blog owners, who, while busy and haphazard, care enough about inanimate urban roadkill to provide this venue where all like-minded urban historians may share examples.